Saturday, February 7, 2015

Amish Ghost Stories

Eric Evangelista took Jeff Belanger's retelling of two traditional Amish ghost stories and shared them in the television series, Amish Hauntings.

This production is a dramatic reenactment of these traditional Amish ghost stories. The first story is about a group of teenage “Legend Trippers” who visit a bridge with a traditional “Crybaby Bridge” legend connected to it. A preview of this story is in the video below.

A Deacon’s son and his friend taunt the Devil, which leads to a genuinely terrifying encounter with this fabled ghost.

Another Cry Baby story, Crybaby Bridge: Monmouth, Illinois can be read here.

The second Amish ghost story shared on this video is entitled, The Witch’s Tree. It is about an Amish woodworker who lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This man defies a Bishop’s orders to burn a fallen tree--instead, he uses the wood in his trade. 

He lives to regret this, for his action unleashes a menacing evil curse that had been placed on the community 100 years before.

The episode with both stories first aired in October of 2014. It can be found on Amazon Video under "Amish Ghost Stories."

Here is a preview of this show.

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