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Guinness Family Curse

This Irish family it is said has been plagued by a curse through several generations.

Arthur Guinness founded the Guinness Brewery in 1759. He amassed a great fortune. Ten of his 21 children died.

After his death, several of his grandchildren also experienced misfortune. Several died of alcoholism and two died while in a mental institution.

Other heirs, not inheriting their Grandfather’s business acumen, ended their lives in poverty.

As more misfortune hit this family during the Second World War rumors started to spread the Guinness’ were cursed.

The Stern Gang, a Zionist terror group murdered Lord Moyne, a British minister to the Middle East, in Cairo in 1944.

Shortly before WWll ended, another member of the family, Edward Guinness the heir to the family fortune was killed in action.

The curse continued to plague the family. In 1978, the family experienced four deaths. Lady Henrietta Guinness jumped off an aqueduct in Spoleto, Italy.

A pint of Guinness
Today, 10 million pints are sold
every day.
In June of this same year a young Guinness heiress drowned in a bathtub while trying to inject heroin.

In the same month, Major Dennys Guinness, aged 44 was found dead in Hampshire of an apparent suicide.

In August, John Guinness an aide to British Prime Minister James Callaghan survived a head-on car collision in Norfolk but his four-year old son John was killed.Yet another son was injured badly.

Before this, Lady Henrietta’s cousin Tara Browne died in a car crash in Chelsea in 1966.

In 2005, the latest victim of this family curse died. Robert Hesketh, 48 was married to the daughter of the Guinness heir, Lord Moyne. Hesketh died in his sleep of a heart attack.

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In an interview published in the The Glasgow Herald, in July of 1978, Jonathan Guinness, the vice-president of the brewery adamantly denies that his family is cursed. He states the tragic deaths are just coincidences.

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