Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Gypsies’ Cemetery

South East Grove Cemetery
South East Grove Cemetery is located in Indiana near the town of Crown Point. This old cemetery sits near a country road. 

There is a legend connected to this cemetery that has been told since the late 1800s.

It is said there was an injustice done here over 180 years ago, which resulted in the area being cursed. Others feel the strange activity experienced at South East Grove is because this small cemetery is haunted.

The most common story told involves a band of gypsies that were passing through the area in the 1820s. They stopped and camped on the land that was later used for the town cemetery.

Some of the townsfolk found the gypsies fortune-telling, and the jewelry they sold fascinating, but most of the locals were not welcoming. They were suspicious and felt these strangers were there to rob them.

The leader of the band was approached and ordered to gather his group and move on. But it was late fall, and before the band could pack up, several members were stricken by influenza.

When several members died, the gypsy leader approached the local doctor. But the residents were afraid the disease would spread, so the doctor refused his assistance.

Now angry, the gypsies did pack up, but it is said before they left the area they buried their dead on the land, and then cursed the town for being so unwelcoming.

Two Crown Point men checked out the Gypsy campsite after they left. They noticed several freshly dug graves. When they returned to town, they found blood on their shoes and on the bottom of their pants.

After this, a rumor began that the Gypsies cursed the area. This belief persisted, for when this small plot of land was later used for the local cemetery many nicknamed South East Grove-- The Gypsies’ Cemetery.

This rumor was kept alive in part because more witnesses claimed they found a sticky red substance on their shoes that appeared to be blood, after visiting this area.

Most residents of Crown Point today dismiss this old curse, but others feel regardless of whether there was a curse or not this cemetery is haunted.

One prevalent report is that strange lights are seen. It is said that a giant ball of light has followed cars after they left the cemetery. Other reports state this light also follows cars that just pass by.
Witnesses report feeling extreme cold spots while in this cemetery--even on warm days. People say that dogs will not enter the area--often barking incessantly.

One modern-day Gypsy family visited South East Grove, at night, recently. The father walked to the back of the cemetery, where the Gypsy graves are located. He then rushed back to the rest of his family and announced he wanted to leave.

He told them he had gotten the feeling something evil was watching him. He sat in their car until the rest of his family was ready to leave.

Mist forming a face, click to enlarge.
Others have backed up his statement. While visiting the cemetery, they felt as if someone was watching them the entire time they were there.

Witnesses have also reported seeing mists that slowly take on human forms.

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