Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cleveland’s Grays Armory

Grays Armory
It is said this huge sandstone castle located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio has some friendly ghosts.

Cleveland like many cities in the mid 1800s had their own militia. They were known as the “Cleveland Grays” after the gray uniforms they wore.

This unit was the first group from Cleveland to fight in the Civil War. They also fought in the Spanish American War and during the First World War with the 145th Infantry in 1916.

Grays Amory is an impressive fortress that is located across from the Erie Street Cemetery. It is not known if this cemetery has something to do with the hauntings.

The armory has a 10,000 square foot ballroom, a library and a shooting range in its basement. It is used for both military and community functions.

Photo by Ron Skinner
My stepmother lived in Shaker Heights for many years. She attended several concerts held at the armory. She mentioned that once she got an overwhelming sense of nausea while visiting this building.

On another occasion she became uneasy. She told me that it felt like something was watching her.

Photo By Ron Skinner
Typical stories about the haunting in this fortress include phantom footsteps when the building is empty and lights acting up. 

Other reports state witnesses have seen the apparitions of Civil War soldiers at Grays.

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