Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Ghosts of Lagow Castle

Many castles in Poland have legends and myths that surround them. These stories often include tales of lost love and hauntings.

Here is a favorite.

Lagow Castle
A fierce Polish knight named Marek in the 15th century claimed Lagow castle for his own. The Germanic Teutonic Knights had built this castle a hundred years before.

He at one time was beloved by the townspeople but when his wife died, he became lonely and embittered. His younger beautiful sister, Dorota came to live with him.

Marek took a prisoner during a battle he fought just outside the town--a Prussian Prince named Boris. He imprisoned Prince Boris in his castle’s dungeon.

Prince Boris began to sing every day. It was believed he did this to keep his sanity for he was enclosed in a dark, damp place.

It wasn’t long before the townspeople started to flock to the castle to hear him sing--for Prince Boris had a fine voice.

Lagow Poland
Marek’s sister Dorota became enamored by the Prince’s voice. She bribed the guards so she could meet Boris. After this she visited him regularly--the two fell in love.

Dorota told her brother she wanted to marry Prince Boris. Marek disapproved and arranged for Dorota to marry an elderly knight that lived in a neighboring community.

During her wedding reception at the castle, Marek had Prince Boris brought up to the great hall. He commanded the prince to sing for his guests. Boris refused.

Marek now angered ordered the guards behead the Prince. They then threw his body into a nearby lake. Dorota who witnessed this terrible event died from a broken heart before her marriage could be consummated.

Lagow Castle seen from the lake.
Soon after, her distraught ghost was seen wandering along the shore of the lake where Prince Boris was thrown. She is also seen walking through the town and in the castle.

Witnesses that live in Lagow today state they have seen her ghost.

They also state that during the summer months in the evening they hear Prince Boris singing near the castles’ dungeon and by the lake.

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