Monday, February 2, 2015

The Queen Mary, Part l

Like most places that have a strong reputation as being haunted the Queen Mary has a large number of ghost stories that surround it. My favorites are the original witness accounts.

Queen Mary
History of a Proud Ship

The Queen Mary a luxury liner made its maiden voyage in May of 1936. She served in this capacity crossing the Atlantic Ocean for 3 years. It is said the 5-day voyages she made were one big on-going party for her passengers.

When World War ll broke out in 1939, she was converted to a troop ship. She was painted grey in order to camouflage her movements. She quickly earned the nickname, the Grey Ghost.

In one crossing during this war she set the world record for the most people on an ocean voyage at one time--16,683 passengers.

After the war she was used to transport war brides and their children from Europe to the U.S.

She then was refurbished and used as a luxury passenger ship once more. Over her 30-year history in service she made 1,001 crossing over the Atlantic Ocean.

By the 1960s ocean liner travel was falling out of favor --with the rise of air traffic between the continents.

The Queen Mary was sold to the town of Long Beach, California in 1967. Her large boilers were removed and she has been permanently docked at Long Beach ever since.

Today she is a tourist attraction, hotel and museum.

Original Witnesses

The stories that are told about the Queen Mary today reflect the original sightings on this ship. All these witnesses were people that were not expecting to encounter paranormal activity.

Their experiences were scarier because first they were not seeking it and second because what they experienced--sightings of full body apparitions, sounds that could not possibly exist-- are considered the “Holy Grail” when it comes to paranormal activity.

One of these witnesses did research after the fact that made what he experienced even more frightening because he realized it was directly connected to the ship’s history.

Here is a link to The QueenMary, Part ll where I share these compelling witness accounts.

A lazer show is a part of one tour
given today on the Queen Mary.

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